Exporecerca Jove is an ideal space to stimulate students in the exciting research world! We invite all schools to visit the Fair and the Final phase. Advance booking is necessary for any group of 10 people. To ensure it, send us an email at



Associated centers pay an annual fee to Magma €110. The associated centers will ensure at least one project participating in Exporecerca Jove. In addition, all participants who come from an associated center will have a reduced registration fee. If you have doubts or want to associate your center, you can write to us at, and we will send you all the necessary documentation!

What is the role of tutors at Exporecerca Jove?

The tutors who sign up will experience the Exporecerca Jove firsthand, a very enriching experience.
The fee will be:
     - € 75 for tutored projects of categories A, B, or E (associated centers € 52.5)
     - € 80 for tutored projects of category C (associated centers € 56)
It includes various talks and training activities focused on tutors, intended to provide them with tools to motivate and accompany students in the research process.

NOTE: The projects in categories A, B and E or developed by students under the age of 16, must be associated with a registered tutor.
Tutors who have more than one project, and at least one of them is in category C, must pay the fee for this category.

Must tutors register on the website?

If the project tutors want to see the information their students upload and want to be up to date with all the sent emails, they must be registered. Once inside the user, tutors must indicate which projects they are tutoring.

In addition, all tutors who wish to sign up for the fair need to be registered. The following guide explains all the steps to follow to registration: Tutor registration guide. The fee will have to be paid through the user once the list of selected works is published.

On the other hand, if the school wants to pay the registration fee of Exporecerca Jove to its students, it will have to do it through the user of a tutor, thus everything will be much more agile.

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