About us

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MAGMA, Associació per Promoure la Recerca Jove is a Catalan non-profit organization, founded in 1999, aiming to promote the passion for research among young people and the exchange of experiences with similar associations of national and international nature. To carry it out, we organize national and international activities such as Exporecerca Jove, a research fair for young people from 12 to 19 years old, celebrated annually in Barcelona.

Our association is part of MILSET, an international federation that promotes research among young people. It is also affiliated with the prestigious REGENERON ISEF, and it is the only Spanish association authorized to present projects there. The projects are selected in each edition of the Exporecerca Jove.

The organization consists of about fifty volunteers, mostly young people, who collaborate in the association's various activities. Internally, the volunteers are organized into various committees, which are responsible, year after year, for ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Each committee is composed of one to ten people, with a committee head, responsible for distributing tasks and ensuring compliance with them. In addition, twelve of these volunteers form the board of directors.


Board of directors

Carla CaroCarla Caro
Bru GómezBru Gómez
Elisabet CalabuigElisabet Calabuig
Guillem PérezGuillem Pérez
Laia UyàLaia Uyà
Bernat CarnotaBernat Carnota
Marina CalabuigMarina Calabuig
Bru GómezBru Gómez
XXIV Exporecerca Jove Directors Presidents Treasurers Secretaries